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“When we decided to create the Women Force NFT project, I wanted to bring real value to this project from the arts, understanding that the project mission is related to serious issues such as gender inclusion and sustainability. It was a long period of research and creation of the symbols presented in the arts. My main motivation was to take a special care for inclusion.”

Women Force NFT Artist & Co-founder
Di Couto

The artist of the first collection and co-founder of Women Force NFT is named Di Couto. Art has played a major part in her life since she was little, learning to paint with her grandfather.

In 2007 she started painting in the streets, creating some amazing works during this period. In 2016, after becoming a mother, she changed her aesthetics and approach, bringing themes such as feminism and motherhood to the walls and screens.

With freer shapes and strong colors, she expresses her experience of being a woman and being a mother. Bringing symbols and shapes about the feminine.

She has already exhibited her work at Wynwood / Miami, New York, Portugal, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Also invited to paint Governmental buildings in Rio de Janeiro. She has worked and partnered with major Brazilian fashion brands such as Havaianas, Melissa, Sandals Ipanema and Farm Rio.

As well international brands such as Adidas, L'Oréal, Vanity Fair, Gucci and Harper's Bazaar, among others. Recently she had her arts exhibited at UNESCO Paris museum and Art Basel Miami for onsite and NFTs creations (Nov 2022).

Di Couto has 15 years experience as an artist doing work for big world brands and organizations. We will open up a contest and choose 10 artists from our community to have an exclusive consultancy art NFT session with her.

All our pre-sale buyers will receive a beautiful high resolution artwork A2 ready to print from Di Couto as a gift in addition to the NFT.

Art%20Collab print%20A2

Our long term future vision is to become a brand.

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Original art from Di Couto
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